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Glossary of Common Weatherstrip Terms

Cushion Strips:
Seals gaps between door and frame by compression. Made of spring bronze or stainless steel.

‘El’ Strip:
90 degree interlocking angle used on door and jamb. Also used for wood casement windows.

Flat Strip:
Interlocking member applied to head and lock side of a wood door. Also used on wood windows. Interlocks with ‘El’ or Hook.

Hook Strip:
‘J’ shape interlocking member applied to the jamb head and lock side of a door. Also used at the meeting rail on windows. Interlocks with Flat.

Two shapes that fit together forming a draft seal when a door is closed. One shape that engages a slot made on a window or door.

Jamb-Up Seal:
A vinyl or neoprene sealing member held in place by a bronze or aluminum housing installed on the door stop. Used for sound and light proofing on interior doors. We do not recommend this type for exterior use.

A narrow slot made on the jamb of a door or window to receive one side of the weather strip.

The cut made on the edge of a door to create the clearance needed to receive interlocking weather strips.

Receiver Strip:
Door bottom hook which interlocks with a threshold.

Rib Strips:
Used on double hung windows. Many sizes to fit the jamb width.

Spring Bronze:
See Cushion Strips.

Sealing parts for the bottom of a door. Really not meant to “sweep” but rather seal against a saddle or threshold.

‘T’ Strip:
‘T’ shape used on the hinge side jamb of a door or casement window. Engages a slot when the opening is closed.

Tongue and Groove Type:
Term for weather strips used on double hung windows. The ‘tongue’ of the weather strip engages a ‘groove’ or slot in the window sash.

‘V’ Bronze:
See Cushion Strips.

Weep Holes:
Openings made in sills or thresholds to allow water seepage