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Door Weatherstrips Window Weatherstrips
Door Weatherstrips • Hinged Door
• Commercial Saddles
• Out-Swinging
• Thresholds
• Meeting Stiles
• Spring Bronze
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Window Weatherstrips • Double Hung Windows 
• Casement Windows
• Bronze
• Zinc
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Interlocking Weatherstrips Weatherstrip Tools
Interlocking Weatherstrips • Interlocking Strips
• Bronze
• Zinc
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Weatherstrip Tools • Circle Saw
• Cutter
• Nail Holder
• Carbide Cutter
• Plane Blade
• Kerfing Saw
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Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing company started in 1898. We take great pride in providing our customers with quality products and fast service. In a world of energy conservation, the successful operation of present day heating and cooling systems depend on the elimination of air leakage around doors and windows. There are many types of seals but only metal weatherstrip will satisfy leakage problems for the life of the building.