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 When installing materials, proper safty equipment and techniques should be used at all times.
Raw, cut edges are sharp. Burrs must be removed.
Upon completion, installation should be checked for any exposed sharp edges, especially around locks and strike plates.

Installation Instructions

Materials Used In Production

Extruded Bronze Finishes

Cutting Details: Details are available and are for reference only. The depth of a rabbet will vary according to the clearance in the opening. If you are not fimiliar with the setting and use of the tools needed to cut the various slots and rabbets, do not attempt to install interlocking weatherstripping.

Accurate Metal Weather Strip Co., Inc. is not liable in any way for improper installations.

Automatic Door Bottom-Installation instruction sheet.


Concealed Interlocking Hinge Door Weather Strip

There are many advantages to this type of weather strip over other types such as vinyl, pile and neoprene. First and foremost, it will last the life of the door. Also, the door will operate freely with no additional force needed to close it. Below is illustrated two of the most commonly used combinations of weather strips. There are others.

No. 7 (jamb) & No.8 (door) No.1 (hinge side):  Detail

No cutting on head and lock side of jamb to install hook strip No.7. On the hinge side, a kerf ( thin slot ) should be made approximately 1/8” deep along the length of the door stop to receive the wide side flange of strip No.1. This is done with a kerfing saw ( Part number 205 ). Door must be rabbeted on the head and lock side and slotted on the hinge side. Nail heads will be visible, 1-½“ spacing.


No. 17 (head, lock and hinge side on jamb and on door): Detail

Weather strip No. 17 must be kerfed ( as above ) into jamb and door. Door must be rabbeted on the head and lock side and slotted on the hinge side. Nail heads are hidden, 4“-5“ spacing. A nail holder ( Part number 209 ) is used to install nails.


Spring Type Hinge Door Weatherstrip

Door compresses weatherstrip when closing. No cutting of wood required. See Hinge Door Weatherstrip-Spring Type



Double Hung Windows: There are many systems, Series 10UP is most common. For installation instructions click here.

Infiltration through double hung windows